The Young Asian Leadership Alliance Gala, YALA Gala, is an affinity space and conference for AAPI students (grades 7-12), teachers, and administrators in the New York City area.  We recognize that the AAPI experience is diverse, and we welcome a wide range of backgrounds including but not limited to: participants who self-identify as East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, Pacific Islander, and people who are adopted.  This space is inclusive of all genders and sexual orientations.  Our mission is to foster community and leadership among AAPIs by creating a critical mass of voices and experiences.  

The conference will include an awesome keynote, conferences, affinity groups, and a YALA GALA!

The theme for this year’s conference is Reclaim, Represent, Reconnect!

The event is organized by Asian Independent School Educators NYC (AIENYC) and sponsored by Brooklyn Friends School.

The group includes:

Saber Khan of the Packer Collegiate Institute

Jean Kim of the Brooklyn Friends School

Morika Tsujimura of Grace Church School

Laurice Hwang of the Brooklyn Friends School

Tony Tanael of Lehman Manhattan Preparatory School

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